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What We Do

From story to screen, we are here to develop and produce engaging content about endangered species and conservation issues.

Just Float Films utilizes best-in-class equipment to capture the beauty of the natural world with 360 degree video in 8K, 12K, and beyond, to provide unmatched immersion.

Across the globe and from deserts to rainforests, arctic tundra to the tropics, and from windswept mountaintops to the ocean depths, Just Float Films captures footage in inaccessible and demanding locations to connect audiences with our planet.

Polar Bear

360 Degree Wildlife

We are one of the only teams in the world specializing in creating wildlife and natural history content in the 360 degree video format. It is certainly not easy, but we think it is worth it!

Music Equalizer

Spatial Audio

Quality audio is a crucial, but often overlooked, component of immersive film. We bring the sounds of nature to your ears with multichannel Ambisonic microphones for a lifelike audio experience.


360 Timelapse

Showing the passage of time creates powerful transitions in immersive video. We pack wide lenses and large sensors to get the job done - even in the dark.

Small Island

360 Aerials

Aerials can make for stunning scenes in 360 video but need to be done right to avoid shaky, vertigo-inducing footage. We have the tools and experience to put cameras in the air the right way.

Image by Silas Baisch

Immersive Underwater

As freedivers, we love the ocean and filming underwater with equipment and techniques that allow us to capture immersive 360 footage under the sea, minus the seasickness.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

360 Camera Motion

From cable cams to sliders and more, we can create dynamic shots and add drama to scenes with equipment purpose-built for 360 video, meaning fewer headaches in post-production.

Let's Do This

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