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James Beissel


Jim Beissel is a wildlife photographer and conservation filmmaker based out of Boulder, Colorado. Jim’s interest in wildlife and nature began during his time working as a rock-climbing guide in Wyoming. By the time he had completed a bachelor’s degree in earth science, followed by a master’s degree in biology, he knew that wildlife conservation story telling is his passion.

Jim has photographed many of North America’s rarest and most elusive mammals by combining a blend of traditional naturalist skills and modern technology. His work has appeared in numerous books and magazines, and he is a frequent speaker and photography presenter on behalf of conservation causes. Jim strives to share the stories of native North American wildlife and promote the conservation of endangered and imperiled carnivores, including grizzly bears, wolves, black-footed ferrets, and wolverines.

In 2019, Jim travelled to Florida’s freshwater springs along with his wife, Lana, to make their first 360-degree short film: Manatee 360. Seeing the potential to engage with new audiences and present conservation causes in new and exciting ways, Jim and Lana both changed the trajectories of their careers in order to commit their lives to telling conservation stories using revolutionary 360-degree technology. Together in 2020 they founded Just Float Films. Since then, they have continued to work together to film some of the world’s most iconic and endangered animals and create groundbreaking, fully immersive virtual wildlife experiences.

Jim and Lana hope to engage viewers with our planet in a way they have never experienced before, and to inspire passion for the protection of Earth’s most imperiled wildlife. 

James Beissel
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