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Lana Beissel


Lana loves animals, and it seems they often love her back. She has been courted by a curious manatee, had a black-footed ferret fast asleep in her lap, and even had a porcupine get a little frisky with her leg.

Following a career as an EMT, Lana shifted her focus from human patients to animals, applying her skills to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. As a citizen scientist, she has contributed fieldwork to projects studying endangered species ranging from black-footed ferrets to desert tortoises, jaguars, ocelots, and more.

Now a full-time filmmaker, Lana brings her love for wildlife and a captivating story to the screen in order to promote endangered species and conservation issues.

When she’s not behind the camera or digging up the next story for Just Float Films, you’ll find Lana searching for octopus while freediving or tromping around the Colorado Front Range with her husband.

Lana Beissel
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